A Golden Opportunity For Financial Freedom

OK, so at the outset I will tell you I joined Karatbars in 2017, to me at that point it was to be a method of investing in Gold and securing a nest egg against the failing economies of the world.

However, events in life changed my plan, moving from one country to another on a permanent basis meant most of my business interests and finances went to a low that meant I could not consider investing in virtually anything.

Fast forward to 2019, and my business interests have started to level out more and I have taken another look at Karatbars, only to find it has become an even better “nest egg” option and also an income opportunity (if I choose to do so).

My situation is that I get an income from my online businesses, I will one day retire (perhaps in 10 years or so – if not sooner lol), but my possibilities of much by way of a pension are pretty low. The UK pension is dubious especially with Brexit at our doorstep, so if I am lucky I may get a token from there, my forces pension will only release around $170/month and I will not be able to draw a spanish pension until I am 75 and that will only be about $150/month…..so you see where I am going?

Now, investing in gold is a method of nest egging tangible wealth that rarely devalues, unlike the paper money of the world which is failing everywhere. In steps Karatbars which allows you to buy as much or as little gold as you would like and they can either store it for you or deliver it to you.

Added to the gold investment side is the method of increasing that wealth beyond the ups and downs of market trading, Karatbars have bolted on a cryptocurrency facet that can increase the value of your holding by paying your gains back to you in gold!

To move the story on even further, Karatbars are about to launch their own cryptocoin which, unlike the conventional crypto options that are and have been, is backed by the tangible asset of GOLD. The implications of this hybrid crypto gold coin is massive and thus possibilities of growing your gold wealth holding even more attractive 🙂

OK, so we can buy gold and make money with Karatbar/gold/cash, we can also make commissions by selling/promoting the gold investment opportunity to new customers. On top of that we can also promote business as an affiliate and build teams of people also either buying gold, promoting the business or both.

The team building opportunity will also bring you additional residual income by other peoples efforts.

You are probably going to ask “How Much Does This Cost?”…..the answer – “NOTHING”, it is FREE to sign up, you choose whether you invest in gold and at what level OR NOT, become a company affiliate FREE (no qualifying purchases needed in fact you never need to buy anything…..BUT why would you not lol).


  1. Invest in Gold – as little or much as you want
  2. Invest in Gold – take advantage of the cryptocurrency facet backed by the gold asset
  3. Invest in Gold – Promote to others and create residual income and commissions

Whats next?

More info?

I recommend you watch this video created recently by Shemin and Sean, this will give you a great overview of the ecosystem.

Just Click PLAY!

From here I would recommend you contact me to discuss this further and at the same time, sign up for the opportunity via my personal link (of course there are advantages to me for you to do that BUT also to you, you will become part of a special community we have built which allows you to build your wealth in every respect) >>   DOMINUSGOLD

Disclaimer: this is NOT financial advise. Please be aware that the price of gold and blockchain assets can rise as well as fall. Do your own due diligence – familiarise yourself with the state of the economy,for a clearer understanding of what is really happening.