In recent years, decentralized finance has become more popular, so there are many ways to put your assets to work. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the most common ways to make money with cryptocurrency that you already have.

What exactly is crypto earning?

Crypto earning is a way to make your digital assets work for you and grow your holdings without you having to do anything. The easiest way is to put your assets in an account statement or use a service that lets you borrow money. If you know more about crypto, you could use a personal wallet to use blockchain-based services to make money, but this is usually riskier.

There are various methods to create money, and some riskier ones have been known to offer over 20% APY rates. When interest rates are low, and inflation is high, crypto earnings can be a good alternative to traditional savings accounts. However, they come with their risks.

There are 7 main ways to make money with cryptocurrency:

Crypto-based savings accounts

Cryptocurrency savings accounts hold or lock up your assets in exchange for a fixed or variable rate of return. Many big crypto exchanges now offer this type of product, which is often called an “earn account” because it pays out money.

Sometimes, you can even put US dollars into an account to earn output without owning any crypto first. But crypto savings accounts usually don’t have safety nets, unlike high-interest bank accounts. Very few acct providers will cover your money if it gets stolen.


When you stake cryptocurrency, you use a smart contract to lock up your assets and help a network verify transactions. It’s a way to get involved in the basic workings of a blockchain without having to spend a lot of money. Most modern blockchains have switched from mining to staking because staking is better for the environment.

By lending your cryptocurrency to the blockchain, you can get newly made coins (called “block rewards”) and a share of the gas fees. How much you can create depends on how many other people are also staking, how much gas costs, and how busy the network is. Staking can be done through exchanges, wallets, or compatible services like Lido.

Cryptographic debit cards

One of the easiest ways to use both traditional money and cryptocurrency is with a crypto debit card. They work to enjoy a Visa or Mastercard, except you can load them with cryptocurrency and use them at merchants worldwide who accept them.

Crypto cards often have unique rewards, like crypto cashback, to get people to use them. For example,’s debit card has a variable cashback rate in the form of CRO on qualifying purchases and rebates on Spotify and Netflix subscriptions.


Crypto lending is the procedure of lending crypto or fiat money to borrowers on a qualified exchange or through a specialized lending service. People who want to lend cryptocurrency put it into a pool that people who want to borrow it can use.

As the loan is paid back, the lender gets a share of the interest paid by the borrower. This share depends on the size of the loan, the amount of collateral in the pool, and the asset becoming borrowed. There are risks for both the lender and the borrower, so read our guide below to figure out how to weigh these risks.

Give farming

Yield farming is among the most complicated ways to make crypto; not everyone can do it. It involves trying to lock your cryptocurrency in an automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which gives users access to assets when they need them for other things. As a reward, liquidity providers get a piece of the transaction fee.

As an extra incentive, the AMM may also give out bonus tokens. Liquidity providers with a lot of experience often move money between high-yield pools to take advantage of market changes and make the most money possible. Yield aggregators are programs and algorithms that can do this on their own. With yield farming, you might be able to make more money, but it’s also a strategy with a lot more risk, so read our complete guide first.


Mining requires powerful computers to solve hard math problems and verify blockchain transactions. In exchange, they get a block reward, a small amount of cryptocurrency. Mining famous coins like Bitcoin costs a lot because a personal computer doesn’t have enough processing power to get a good return.

Because of this, it’s no longer a good way for most people to make crypto. Some blockchains, like Monero and Ravencoin, have tried to limit the use of mining farms and make it possible to earn cryptocurrency with the right GPU and knowledge.

Get crypto for free.

There are many ways to get free cryptocurrency without having to sell anything. You may already know about popular choices like play-to-earn (P2E), using a dedicated chrome extension, and doing microtasks, but there are many more. Remember that most ways to get free crypto aren’t as profitable as the ones mentioned above, and scams are common in this area.

Bottom line

There are now several ways for people who own crypto to put their digital assets to work and make money. But even though the rates may be high, crypto-earning products are not as well regulated as normal bank accounts, and there is no FDIC guarantee. Investors who fully recognize the dangers and are willing to ignore short-term volatility in the market may find that putting some of their money into a symmetric encryption product is an excellent way to generate passive income.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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